12’s New Changes…

So what’s new with the website, you ask?  Well, apart from having a stylish new homepage that features constantly updated information (e.g. about legal forms, public posts, featured lawyers, etc.), the website itself is organized much better and cleaner and damn right prettier.  Why, even today I added some new videos that Garry Wise, Omar Ha-Redeye and I did with Social Media Guru Kevin O’Keefe a few weeks back.

So what’s in store for the immediate future?  Well, apart from blogging my brains out about all sorts of interesting legal topics, I’m actually working on an initiative that will help bring Dynamic Legal Forms to the rest of Canada.  That’s right: to the rest of Canada, and not just Ontario.  I’ve been working on this for some time now and the programmer I’m dealing with believes it can get done this month.  After some testing, perhaps next month or in the early new year, Dynamic Legal Forms will become a truly "Canadian" website that offers innovative and affordable legal services throughout our great nation.  Once this new expansion happens, I plan to expand the legal forms beyond Ontario to match the new geographic boundaries.  Perhaps within a year or two, all of the provinces will have basic legal forms offered through this website for everyday situations.  That is my goal, at least…  I’ll keep you posted as I go.  It’s going to be one hell of a great ride!

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