Dynamic Legal Forms Will Kit – Don’t be Fooled by the Competition!

I just googled “Dynamic Legal Forms will kit” and what did I see at the top? A competitor actually PAYING Google to have an ad appear when someone typed in OUR name! Hilarious! In fact, I can’t tell you how many times people get fooled into buying someone else’s product thinking that they bought a Dynamic Legal Forms Will Kit! They call and complain and we discover that they didn’t even buy mine. So they call the other guys and give ’em heck for misleading advertising.

For me, these types of tactics are truly a nice compliment from the competition. They will never have what we have. And by trying to copy us, they’re flattering us. So thank you!

Now, what else did I find when I googled “Last Will and Testament”? Well, I happened to come across a FREE Last Will and Testament Kit. I was curious as to the quality of this Free Kit, particularly when you compare it to our Will-O-Matic software. So here’s what I discovered: it was completely CRAP-TASTIC and people should stay away from these types of kits.

Let me explain why…

Not Comprehensive Enough
Everyone’s situation is unique and everyone needs some kind of customized Will. But too many Will kits out there are fill in the blank type forms with limited guidance or choice. Even the second best guys on the market have limited options. No one comes close to our comprehensiveness or attention to detail or flexibility. We just take the time to put out a damn-good product. And we regularly update our Will-O-Matic software to make it even more comprehensive and flexible.

The next problem you may not realize is that laws change from one province to the next. So if someone put together a generic Law Will and Testament Kit that is not in compliance with Ontario laws, then you could be in hot water! You basically want to have something that takes into consideration your province’s Wills laws. I’ve blogged extensively about the requirements, tips, and traps, etc. that are SIMPLY NOT addressed in FREE online kits. Non-Ontario lawyers who put together generic Will templates with the bare bones may end up COSTING YOU MORE in time and money than if you had done it right the first time!

Helpful Legal Information
I came across a very old Ontario case where the judge held that no reasonable person should be doing their own Will. These are important and complicated legal document which are written in legalese (a language which only lawyers and judges understand and speak) and have a number of implications (e.g. tax, family, etc.). The bottom line is that, without knowledge and information, you’re bound to make mistakes in preparing and finalizing your Will. But that’s where Will-O-Matic software comes into play. It provides a series of prompts, defines important terms, and gives lots of information to help you understand what you’re dealing with. You make decisions based on information. And we provide that generic legal information to educate you. We even throw in a comprehensive eBook at the end so you can read up on all the general legal information you should be aware of when creating your Will. If you need to go back and update your Will, you can still do that for the first year for FREE!

Simple to Read
Just reading the other Last Will and Testament made me ask: how can anyone other than a lawyer understand this stuff? There is no information to help decipher or translate it. But it’s not even written in humanese! It’s written in legalese. Words like Legacy, Executor, Liquidator, Trustee, Devise, Bequeath, etc. are commonplace. They mean something, but if you don’t know what they mean, you may get confused and frustrated. Also, there are often long-winded sentences that are complex and confusing. That’s where our legal forms differ: we focus on stripping out the legalese and leaving the good stuff in. We strive to use language that is both clear and meaningful. That’s a key difference: understand the legal document. It’s written in your language so you can understand and modify it!

So there you have it. My little rant about us and how other products don’t stack up to our Will-O-Matic. So what are you waiting for? Try it out already by clicking this link: Will-O-Matic.

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