Dragon’s Den Follow Up…

I think it would be helpful to mention a few things about going on Dragon’s Den. There seems to be a lot of confusion out there respecting the show, so let me help clear the air. First of all, there is NO guarantee that my pitch to the Dragon’s (concerning Legal Forms + Video Guides) will AIR on TV. If the CBC producers don’t believe it’s TV-worthy, it’ll get cut on the production floor. And a HIGH percentage of pitches to the Dragon’s don’t make it. Second, once I pitch (May 1st), I won’t be able to discuss the outcome with anyone. Please don’t bother asking me. I’ve agreed to their rules and won’t even be telling my own mother what the outcome was. It’s easier for people like me (i.e. lawyers) to keep secrets because of the nature of our work (solicitor-client privilege). Third, there are strict rules concerning who you can bring, what props you can bring, where you go, what you’re allowed to show (e.g. no powerpoint presentations), etc. In order to actually have your pitch air on TV, it must be full of energy and creativity. It has to stand out from the crowd. So that’s it for now re: CBC’s Dragon’s Den…I’ll keep you posted….BUT DON’T ASK ME WHAT HAPPENED!

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