DL Update: legal forms, lawyer ads, and more!

Michael CarabashOK. So I realize I haven’t been blogging that often for the past little while. I’ve been too busy being a lawyer and writing independent contractor agreements, confidentiality agreements, debenture agreements, etc. for clients. So now I’m taking the time to update everyone on what’s coming down the wire in the next month or so with respect to Dynamic Legal Forms:

  1. Legal Forms: we are launching a new initiative that will allow everyday people to conveniently and cost-effectively access basic legal forms. If you are a lawyer who wants to earn some passive income by selling your basic precedents through Dynamic Legal Forms, then give me a shout and let’s develop an affiliate program. The first few legal forms will deal with basic website agreements that all website owners/operators should have in place.
  2. Lawyer Ads: as you can see from the right side of the DL blog, we have just put up ads for some of our Dynamic Legal Forms. If you’re interested in advertising in this space, then give me a shout.
  3. New eBook: due to the popularity of my first eBook (“4 Steps to Online Legal Marketing”), I’ve decided to write another eBook about 22 FREE tactics/tips to market yourself online.
  4. Videos: Garry Wise, Omar-Ha-Redeye and I will be coming out with something very interesting…stay tuned…and who know – perhaps another Ontario Reports Parody is in the works?
  5. Podcasts: this may come in October or November. I’m thinking of hosting a show where I talk with a lawyer (e.g. family law lawyer, real estate lawyer, etc.) about certain issues that impact everyday people.
  6. Upgraded Functionality: we’ve got about 5 functionality upgrades to release next month that will further improve the website.
  7. September is Personal Injury month: we will be focusing on personal injury lawyers, cases, etc. for the entire month of September!
  8. More Media Attention: we’ll be getting some more media attention in the coming months for things we’re working on now…

So that’s it for now. We’ve got some big announcements (which we can’t really talk about just yet) that involve joint ventures and things like that…very exciting stuff…keep your eyes and ears open!

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