DL Recap over the past 7 months…

Michael CarabashSo here’s a quick recap of what’s happened on the DL front over the past 7 months since officially launching in Toronto on November 1, 2009:

  • Website traffic continues to increase (sometimes doubling the previous’ month’s traffic).
  • Users have made over 500 posts and the average number of daily posts continues to increase.
  • Dynamic Legal Forms has been featured in over a dozen media spaces – including newspapers, legal trade publications, radio, TV, and journals.
  • Dynamic Legal Forms has researched and published a number of stats and reports about the legal services industry.
  • I’ve spoken with and personally met with a number of prominent personalities in the online legal industry across North America.
  • We’ve shared a wealth of free legal and related information online through the DL Blog and the new Legal Areas Q and A section (which we continue to build on).
  • We’ve given presentations to lawyers, legal service providers, and other organizations (e.g. YWCA, Retirement Planners Association of Canada, etc.) about Dynamic Legal Forms.
  • We’ve continued to update the website by enhancing user’s experience in making posts.

We had no idea that Dynamic Legal Forms would be received by the general public and the legal industry as well as it has been. There’s lots to do to improve the website and we’ve got lots of ideas that will take Dynamic Legal Forms to the next level.

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