DL Legal Forms + Video Guides on CBC Dragon’s Den Website

Next month, we’ll back to audition to be on CBC’s Dragon’s Den. Gotta love that show! I think that show, together with Shark Tank, Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares and Hell’s Kitchen (I love to cook if you haven’t guessed it) are the best business shows to watch. That’s right: I said business. There are so many important lessons about running an effective business which can be gleamed from those shows. Yes, there’s drama and emotion and the reality of it all…but there’s also strategy, advice, and great ideas. Anyways…I decided that I’m going to pitch the Legal Forms + Video Guides aspect of Dynamic Legal Forms to the CBC producers in Toronto and see what happens…maybe they’ll like it enough to invite me to be on the show (Season 6)?

FYI, you can see our audition video here. It’s temporarily on page 4 but will likely be pushed back a few pages once new auditions are added.

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