Toronto business lawyerNoticed something different on Dynamic Legal Forms? Our graphics designer has been working to give this very simple website a new look and feel to match it’s dynamic service offerings. In the next few weeks, you’ll see a few more changes. Indeed, in the past 2 weeks alone, we’ve:

  • Launched more legal forms such as a Prenuptial Agreement, Cohabitation Agreement, and Marriage Contract (and we’re still working on more!);
  • Added a new affiliate program to allow anyone with a website and a paypal account to earn commissions selling our legal forms;
  • Published testimonials about our legal forms from people who bought them (including lawyers);
  • Revised the header and footer of the website;
  • Invested heavily into our Search Engine Optimization infrastructure and capabilities; and
  • Are going to expand our Legal Info section.

We’re also looking at building relationships with complimentary legal service providers in order to expand our ever-growing presence. The next few weeks will be a period of transition, and I’m looking forward to seeing the end result.

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