David J. Bilinsky mentions DL’s legal forms + video guides…

I was pleased to see David Bilinsky, writing for the Canadian Bar Association (“CBC”), discuss our legal forms + video guides, free legal health checkup, and this blog (among other things). In Dave’s Tech Tips, David talked about various online legal websites. He mentioned many websites that offer legal forms – such as us and legalzoom (which is a great compliment since we’ve only been around for less than 1 month). The funny thing, and I pointed this out to David in an email, is that many of those websites (,, etc.) actually don’t have legal forms but merely redirect traffic OUR WAY! Then, in Practice Talk, David wrote the following (in part):

As of yesterday – March 4, 2010 (the day of writing this column) the Canadian legal competitive battlefield changed. Dynamic Legal Forms, led by Michael Carabash, B.A., LL.B., J.D., M.B.A., Founder/President, formally launched their website: [actually, our website launched in November 2008; we only recently launched our legal forms + video guides, which I think what David was referring to]

Have a look – Carabash, a Toronto business lawyer, is one of a growing list of new entrants into the area of online legal services. What makes his web services a bit different is the use of online video guides that aid purchasers to complete the legal forms that he has made available. He also has a blog: and an “online legal health checkup”:

Dynamic Legal Forms joins other online legal service providers such as LegalZoom: that are seeking to tap the “do it yourself” legal consumer market…

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