Countdown to legal forms…Coming in February!

It’s been a long-time coming. But we’ve finally decided to move forward on a new project: downloadable legal forms. We’ve done our homework and we’re going to start making common and simplified legal forms available for purchase through Dynamic Legal Forms. We will be launching our first set of legal forms and guides (videos, ebooks, etc.) starting next month. These forms are prepared by lawyers, easy to use / customize, and can be accessed instantly. We are starting from scratch and putting together SIMPLIFIED legal forms that many people can benefit from. But wait: there’s more! We’re also going to be providing guidance (in the form of eBooks, blogs, articles, and videos) on what these legal forms are all about and how you can use them. While nothing beats engaging a lawyer to draft a custom legal form (sometimes, it’s needed because of complex issues, etc.), for those who can’t afford to spend hundred or thousands of dollars on legal forms, we’re hoping that this will provide an alternative to nothing…Let the countdown begin…

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