Confidentiality Agreements, Settlement Agreements, and Powers of Attorney…

So we’ve not completed the following legal form packages:

  • Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Settlement Agreements (e.g. Auto-Accident Settlement Agreement)
  • Powers of Attorneys

They will be available when we launch our legal forms initiative next month. We’ll be adding an independent contractor agreement and a residential lease agreement as part of the launch as well. In terms of price, we’re looking to sell each package for between $30 and $40. Trust me: it will be well worth it. We have drafted, simplified, and revised these legal forms. They are more robust yet simpler than anything else out there on the internet. That, plus the fact that they come with guidance (eBook and VIDEOS) will make this Dynamic Legal Forms the place to go for professional, affordable, and customizable legal forms….VERY EXCITING!

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