Common | Cohabitation Agreement: Updated Form + DL Guide!

Common Law Agreement: Updated!

I’m pleased to announce that we have just updated our Cohabitation Agreements for Ontario. Specifically, we’ve done the following:

  • Made the terms and conditions dealing with the home more flexible with respect to who owns it and how net proceeds will be divided upon the sale.
  • Included an indemnification provision: each party will be responsible for their own debts unless the other party agrees or the Cohabitation Agreement says otherwise. Each party will also promise to indemnify (i.e. pay) the other party for a breach of this section.
  • Added an additional witness (although one is required by law, we felt that two would be better than one).
  • Updated the DL guide from 26 to 31 pages to reflect these new changes!

Ontario Cohabitation Agreement: the Cohab-O-Matic

A Cohabitation Agreement is a domestic agreement between non-married adults who want to either avoid or create financial obligations that may arise from their cohabiting or eventual marriage. Our Cohab-O-Matic is like Turbo-Tax for creating an Ontario Cohabitation Agreement.

Without a Cohabitation Agreement, cohabiting couples may have to battle it out in court to determine their legal rights, entitlements and obligations.

You can read all about the rights and obligations that cohabiting couples have or don’t have (when compared to married spouses) here.

You can start the Cohab-O-Matic wizard by click on the “Get Started” button below:

The Cohab-O-Matic is an online questionnaire that takes users through a series of questions about their relationship to ultimately create a custom-tailored cohabitation agreement that is based on the laws of Ontario. It asks questions related to:

  • The parties
  • The children of the parties
  • Date of cohabitation
  • Support
  • Description of significant financial assets, debts and other liabilities (required for a cohabitation agreement to be valid and enforceable)
  • The home (ownership of the home, home expenses, leaving the home, selling the home, etc.)
  • When the agreement will terminate
  • Whether the agreement will become a marriage contract if and when the parties marry each other
  • Estate entitlements
  • Alternative dispute resolution (e.g. mediation, arbitration, etc.)

As you can see (or perhaps will see), the Cohab-O-Matic is VERY comprehensive and flexible. Once you’ve completed the online questionnaire, you can proceed to PayPal and then, when you’re done paying, you’ll be able to download your custom-tailored Cohabitation Agreement.

And here’s some more value that we bring to the table: you can edit your Cohabitation Agreement for a set period of time afterwards for FREE, you can read a comprehensive and regularly updated eBook about Cohabitation Agreements in Ontario (to better understand your legal rights and entitlements and how Cohabitation Agreements work and what they’re all about), and you can read the mandatory signing instructions at the end to make sure that enter into the Cohabitation Agreement properly.

And you can do all of these things by yourself with your spouse without the involvement of a lawyer or having to spend thousands of dollars on legal fees.

All of our legal form packages are backed by our 30 day 100% money back guarantee! If for whatever reason you’re not completely satisfied with our legal form, we’ll refund your money no questions asked.

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