New DL Legal Form + Video Guide: Codicil (Ontario) – Make Changes to an Existing Will

Here’s Legal Form + Video Guide #15:

Codicil (Ontario): to make a minor change to a Will

Need an Ontario Legal Form but can’t afford a lawyer? Try‘s LEGAL FORMS + VIDEO GUIDES! This Youtube video is just a sneak peak of the video guide that comes with an Ontario Codicil. This legal form can be used by a Testator or Testatrix (i.e. a person who has already made a Will) to make minor changes to their Last Will and Testament (i.e. Will) without needing to re-write the whole thing. This Ontario Codicil also comes with a FREE VIDEO GUIDE (watch a useful example of how this legal form can be customized), a FREE DL GUIDE (read helpful information about this legal form), and another FREE DL GUIDE that offers valuable insight into how contracts can be challenged) What are you waiting for? Go to Best of all, if you DO need a lawyer and need some legal advice, simply make a post and get FREE quotes from Ontario lawyers focusing on the area of law you require!

This information and this sample video guide is NOT legal advice and is provided for informational purposes only. If you need an Ontario lawyer, go to Dynamic Legal Forms and make a post.

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