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Many thanks go out to Marc Saltzman, who hosts a radio show called “Tech Talk” on CJAD800 Radio in Montreal, for interviewing me about’s Will-O-Matic software. Here’s the clip:

So what can I tell you about Marc Saltzman that you don’t already know? Well, I absolutely love seeing this guy everywhere I go (CNN, online, at the movies, on the radio, etc.). Here’s his bio (quite impressive!):


Marc Saltzman has reported on the high-tech industry since 1996 as a freelance journalist, author, lecturer, consultant, and radio and TV personality.

His specialties lie in consumer electronics, computers, Internet trends and interactive entertainment.

The following is a snapshot of where you can find Marc:


Along with his weekly syndicated columns with Gannett, Marc currently contributes to more than 50 prominent publications: USA Today, USA,, AARP – The Magazine, The Costco Connection (U.S. and Canada), MSN, Yahoo!, Sympatico, Toronto Star, PostMedia (CanWest), Connected (Rogers Publishing), Telus Talks Business, IT Insider Online, Common Sense Media,, Movie Entertainment, Chill, Homefront, and others.

Gannett is the USA’s largest newspaper group, with 84 daily newspapers including USA Today, 130 websites (reaching nearly 24 million unique visitors a month) and nearly 850 non-daily publications.


Marc contributes to numerous blogs, including USA Today’s Technology Live!, Sympatico’s Sync (which has won the award for Best Canadian Sci-Tech Blog in 2008 and 2010;, as well as Yahoo!’s The Right Click and Toronto Star’s Moneyville.

Marc Saltzman was one of the first journalists in the world to break open the MP3 phenomenon in late 1997 on He correctly predicted this controversial audio file format would revolutionize the recording industry.

In June 2006, Marc Saltzman was invited to join celebrities such as Donald Trump, Al Gore and Stephen Hawking to answer a question for the “Ask The Planet” promotion sponsored by Yahoo! Answers. Marc was tapped as a leading consumer technology expert.


His 15 books with Pearson Education and McGraw-Hill/Osborne are: Internet Games Directory (1996), Gamer’s Web Directory: Sites, Cheats and Secrets (1997), Quake II Strategy Master (1998), Game Design: Secrets of the Sages (1999), Game Design: Secrets of the Sages, Second Edition (2000), Game Design: Secrets of the Sages, Third Edition (2001), Marc Saltzman’s 250 Best Palm Games (2001, on CD), Marc Saltzman’s Top 300 Games for the PocketPC (2002, on CD), Game Design: Secrets of the Sages, Fourth Edition (2002), DVD Confidential: Hundreds of Hidden Easter Eggs Revealed (2002), Game Creation and Careers: Insider Secrets from Industry Experts (2003), DVD Confidential 2: The Sequel (2003), The X-Play Insider’s Guide to Gaming (2004), the White Collar Slacker’s Handbook: Tech Tricks to Fool Your Boss (2005) and Siri For Dummies (Wiley; March 2012).

Marc has also written video game manuals for Quake II and Sin, writing fiction for the games, as well as contributing names for many of the weapons and creatures.


Marc writes and hosts “Gear Guide,” a technology-focused video that runs nationally across Canada at Cineplex Entertainment movie theaters (and IMAX theatres), five minutes before the film trailers start. This 2-minute clip airs daily on 1,650 theater screens, 6 times a day per screen, resulting in approximately 6.5 million “captive” impressions per month.

Marc also writes for Cineplex’s digital signage arm, creating five unique scripts per week that displays on screens in office towers, shopping malls and other public locations.


In May of 2001, Marc became a frequent technology expert at CNN, the Cable News Network, and currently hosts a weekly technology segment called “Gaming and Gadgets” on Saturday afternoons.

Marc is also a frequent guest on CTV’s Canada AM morning show, CTV News Channel and CP24 in Canada.

Marc has also made appearances on NBC’s “Today Show,” “CBS Early Show,” “Access Hollywood,” “Entertainment Tonight” and QVC’s Saturday Q.”


Marc also writes and hosts three “Tech Talk” radio shows. “Tech Talk with Marc Saltzman,” airs on Canada’s most listened-to talk station, NewsTalk 1010 (an Astral Media company), at 7am on Saturdays and Sundays. The second “Tech Talk” radio program is a nationally syndicated radio vignette (60-second interstitial) that airs daily Monday to Friday, on 30+ AM and FM radio stations across Canada, the U.S., the U.S. Armed Forces Network and on XM Satellite Radio’s NHL Centre Ice channel (roughly 2.5 million listeners daily). Beginning in April, 2012, Marc will host a 1-hour “Tech Talk” call-in show on CJAD in Montreal (Astral).

Marc is also a frequent guest on CNN Radio and Martha Stewart Radio.

Marc is one of the Game Critics Awards judges for the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), and is also a judge for the annual Spike TV Video Game Awards and the annual Codie Awards to recognize innovative software and online services.

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