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Toronto business lawyerSplash Page gets a facelift

Mondays are always very busy. It seems like the world has woken from its slumber over the weekend and now everyone needs to speak with a lawyer. So, in between speaking with a number of people about their legal matters, I was able to get our graphic designer (my wife) to keep plugging away on our legal forms splash page. It’s part of a 2-year anniversary clean up / freshen up process. We’ve gone through many of the pages on this website and given them a tweak to make them look more appealing and get to the point. We’re also adding new legal forms, new legal information, and (VERY SOON) new bloggers will appear on the DL Blog. This is something I’ve wanted from day 1: another lawyer or two or three other than me to spread free legal information to the world. It’s our way of giving back. So checkout the splash page and let me know what you think. It will probably be finished off by the end of the weekend 🙂

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