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Marriage Contract Ontario I am pleased to announce that we have just upgraded our DL Guide that comes with our Marriage Contract (Ontario): The written guide used to be 28 pages long and chuck full of the good stuff. But we’ve added some new caselaw dealing with EXCLUSIVE POSSESSION of the matrimonial home. Now, the […]

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Challenging a Prenuptial Agreement in Alberta Please note that the information provided herein is not legal advice and is provided for informational and educational purposes only. If you need legal advice with respect to a cohabitation agreement in Alberta, you should seek professional assistance. In this blog (which is the 6th in a series of […]

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Marriage Contract Template (Ontario): Updated! I’m pleased to announce that we have just updated our Marriage Contract Template for Ontario. Specifically, we’ve done the following: Included a TABLE OF CONTENTS of the form, which can be seen by clicking the link above and then clicking on the sample form. Made the terms and conditions dealing […]

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