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Why Grand & Toy should partner up with Dynamic Legal FormsWouldn’t it be cool if Grand & Toy teamed up with Dynamic Legal Forms to offer our exclusive legal forms + video tutorials + written guides? I think it would be a hoot.

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Law Firm Marketing So I’ve decided, after learning a few more tricks and tips on law firm search engine optimization, to share it with the world in another eBook entitled “Law Firm SEO: Get the GOOGLE JUICE Flowing!” I figure I’ll make it short and sweet and fill it only with the good stuff. Why […]

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Marc Saltzman from Newtalk 1010 and did a great review of RIM’s new Blackberry Torch in this blog. This new Blackberry has both a 3.2-inch touchscreen and a slide out QWERTY keyboard. Super cool (although it’s not considered to be an i-phone killer). I was wondering, and hoping, that someone would give me one of these cool new devices to test out and write a review on. People are always giving Marc cool new stuff to review, so why not me? I’ve owned a Bold 9000 since it first came out. In fact, I had to fight off a school chum for mine. Anywho, going back to the Torch, I read in Marc’s review that, while it has a new and improved camera, more memory (8GB), the real story is in the operating system and web-browsing capabilities. It’s smarter than ever, with cool and practical shortcuts. Here’s a youtube video that reviews the various functions of the Torch:

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These 5 tips will help increase your traffic: you’ll develop better writing skills, more interest in your writing from your audience, and higher rankings from search engines and other websites that want to link back to your website. Best of luck and if you need any help, give me a shout!

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Search Engine Marketing | SEO | OptimizationHaving done my own SEO for the past little while and having tried so many different techniques, I can honestly say that organic growth is the best way to get traffic, while paid search has a lot of problems.

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Todd Harrison of Precedent Magazine has written an online article about my upcoming pitch (Legal Forms + Video Guides) to CBC’s Dragon’s Den. In the article, he mentions the Lawyers Weekly article about the same topic:

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Here comes Legal Form + Video Guide #18: Independent Contractor Agreement (Client) – With Statement of Work This Agreement can be used by a Client who wants to engage the services of an Independent Contractor (e.g. a consultant, a professional, a general worker, etc.) without creating an employment relationship. The “Client” means that this Independent […]

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The Lawyers Weekly has written an article about my upcoming pitch to CBC’s Dragon’s Den: It was a great article, done on very short notice. My thanks go out to the Lawyers Weekly…stay tuned and keep your fingers crossed… To check out all the media attention we’ve received since starting Dynamic Legal Forms, go here.

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As a follow up to my popular eBook entitled “4 Steps to Online Legal Marketing“, today I am releasing an eBook entitled “20 FREE Tips to Boost Traffic to Your Legal Website“. In this eBook, I briefly discuss some basic tips and tricks you NEED TO KNOW in order to build traffic to your website. […]

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Thanks go out to David Bilinsky (lawyer with the B.C. Law Society) for featuring Dynamic Legal Forms’ Legal Forms + Video Guides in the Canadian Bar Association’s Practice Talk, Tech Tips, and now on his very popular Thoughtful Legal Management Blog. Here’s what David wrote: As of March 4, 2010 (the day of originally writing […]

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Here’s Legal Form + Video Guide #13: Plaintiff’s Claim – Construction | Renovation Dispute (Ontario) – This Court Form Package can be used by a party who wants to start a lawsuit in Ontario’s Small Claims Court concerning a Construction / Renovation dispute. If you are looking for other court forms and guidance go to […]

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Here’s Legal Form + Video Guide #12: Cohabitation Agreement (Ontario) – Terminates Upon Marriage This Agreement can be used by parties who are cohabiting or who intend to cohabit and want to define their respective rights and obligations concerning support, property, the moral education of children, etc. THIS Agreement terminates upon marriage. If you are […]

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