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Marketing Services Agreement | Contract Please note that the information provided herein is not legal advice and is provided for informational and educational purposes only. If you need legal advice with respect to drafting a Marketing Services Agreement, you should seek professional assistance (e.g. make a post on Dynamic Legal Forms). You can also contact […]

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Post image for Featured in the Lawyers Weekly: The “Master Marketer”

Many thanks go out to the Lawyers Weekly for their nice article about little old me. The article is called “The Master Marketer”, although I wouldn’t call myself that. I just like getting into the media and marketing myself, that’s all. The article basically talks about me going on CBC’s Dragon’s Den, my legal forms […]

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Post image for CBC Video of my Dragon’s Den Pitch…

In case you missed it, you can watch my pitch on CBC’s Dragon’s Den here: It’s episode 18. My pitch starts at about the 25 minute in. So you’ll need to place it just after the third little white dot on the timeline. Enjoy!

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Post image for Dynamic Legal Forms featured in CBA’s National Magazine this month…

Much thanks go out to Michael Rappaport of the Canadian Bar Association’s National Magazine for the mention of in his article entitled “Connecting with Clients“. Here’s what Michael wrote about us: — In November 2008, Michael Carabash, a Toronto business lawyer and entrepreneur founded Dynamic Lawyers, an online lawyer directory with a forum […]

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Post image for Our Legal Forms are mentioned in today’s Globe and Mail…

Today’s Globe and Mail mentions my appearance on CBC’s Dragon’s Den: There be dragons Last year, Bar Talk mentioned that Michael Carabash, a Toronto lawyer who has launched a Web-based legal service, had pitched his business to a taping of CBC’s Dragon’s Den. Mr. Carabash, whose website, offers clients downloadable legal forms such as […]

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Post image for New Dragon’s Den Pic on CBC’s website…

Here’s a new pic and some info that just went up on CBC’s website about my upcoming pitch (Legal Forms + Video Guides). Remember to tune into CBC next Wednesday, March 9, 2011 to find out what happened on the show:

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Post image for Another Testimonial

Here is another testimonial that just came in from someone who purchased a legal form + video guide on Dynamic Legal Forms: “Michael The legal form was well written and served its purpose.

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Post image for Stelios Nikolakakis – The Best Optometrist I know…

Stelios Nikolakakis: Testimonial Look, I’m not one to give out free testimonials on this website, but when it comes to optometrists, I would highly recommend Dr. Stelios Nikolakakis. This guy is simply the best. He took care of me in my hour of need and has been in my corner ever since. You can read […]

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Post image for Just interviewed by Canadian Lawyer Magazine…

I was just interviewed by the Canadian Lawyer Magazine. The topic: legal forms and templates and their role in the business of practicing law. For this interview, I was basically asked three questions: (1) what are the advantages to lawyers who use templates, (2) what are the corresponding risks, and (3) how prevalent are these […]

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Post image for Testimonials about…well…me

Not to toot my own horn, but I started asking clients for testimonials about their experience using me as their lawyer. I wanted honest feedback. I also wanted to show prospective clients what others have said about me. These testimonials are the real deal (un-edited and left intact): You can read all testimonials here.

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Post image for Cohabitation | Prenuptial Agreement (Survives Marriage): New DL Legal Form + Video Guide

Cohabitation | Prenuptial Agreement Ontario (Survives Marriage) Here comes Legal Form + Video Guide #27: Cohabitation Agreement that Survives Marriage and Becomes a Prenuptial Agreement (it’s the second one; the first cohabitation agreement TERMINATES upon marriage). If you are looking for a Prenuptial Agreement and don’t live or intend to live with your partner before […]

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Post image for Law Firm SEO | Seach Engine Marketing: 3rd FREE eBook (647-680-9530)

This is the 3rd free eBook I’ve written about online legal marketing for lawyers, by lawyers.

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