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Online Will Australia Well, after a few months of research and development, I am pleased to announce that Dynamic Legal Forms Ltd. is now offering its proprietary Will-O-Matic system (online automated questionnaire. And it’s all being done through a new company called “Dynamic Law“. We are offering the Will-O-Matic in the five (5) largest states […]

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Thanks go out to Garry, Mark, Omar and everyone else for organizing another successful Blawgers meetup in T.O.: Roll Call (on Left): Jessica Gonzalez Omar Ha-Redeye of Fleet Street Law and My Support Calculator Joshua Slayen of Legal Linkup Simon Fodden of Slaw Me of Dynamic Legal Forms Colin Lachance of CanLII (on Right): Mark […]

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I am very happy to announce that our radio ads were featured on Rogers Media Radio (e.g. 680 News, CFRB1010, etc.). Here is the commercial (just click on the link and it will open up an .mp3 for you to listen to our ad):

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Many thanks go out to Techvibes‘ contributor Dan Verhaeghe for his article “Dynamic Legal Forms Offering Canadians Will Software For Far Less Than Standard Lawyer Fees“, which is reproduced as follows: Dynamic Legal Forms continues to try to change the way lawyers do business with their own technological solutions. In 2011, the average Canadian lawyer […]

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Many thanks go out to Mitch Kowalski for featuring our Will-O-Matic system in the National Post. Here’s the article in full: Mitch Kowalski, “Canadian lawyer-entrepreneurs continue to create new products“, National Post, Financial Post Blog (17 February 2012): Last week we mentioned a new web service to calculate the amount of spousal and child support […]

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Will-O-Matic System featured in Edmonton Journal Many thanks go out to Elizabeth Withey of the Edmonton Journal for mentioning our new Will-O-Matic system. Here’s her article and the part that talks about us: Elizabeth Withey, “Take a Horsey ride into the mind of modern-day fatherhood”, Edmonton Journal (7 February 2012), F1. Over Christmas, I wrote […]

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Canadian Legal Forms Well, as our legal form packages continue to increase in popularity (probably because paying big bucks for a simple legal contract has never been very popular in and of itself), a number of people have started asking me questions about our legal form packages. So here we go: Q#1: Can I get […]

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I’ve been busy these days with traditional client work (DMC Law) and playing golf. But I wanted to mention what we’ve been up to with respect to this website (so you don’t get the idea that we’re not doing anything 🙂 New Legal Forms for Alberta! This week, we will be releasing 4 new legal […]

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Today’s New York Times published a story about how law firms are embracing a two-tier system for their associates: partner and non-partner track. The article, “Law Firms Embrace a Two-Tiered System“, was written by Catherine Rampell. The article talks about how Mark Thompson, 29, accepted a non-partner-track post at the law firm Orrick, Herrington & […]

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Yesterday, I was interviewed by Pablo Fuchs for the Canada Bar Association’s National Magazine.  Pablo is writing a story on law firm search engine optimization.  We chatted about my 3 free ebooks on law firm SEO, how I use SEO to market my practice, and what types of techniques I use to do so.  Importantly, […]

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We’re just doing some website renovations at the moment.. you’ll notice changes to the homepage and other pages as well…

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Voting opens up today for LSUC benchers. I would strongly encourage you to take 2 minutes from your busy practices and exercise your democratic right to vote. You would have received an email with a link and a code that you need to input to cast your vote. I would encourage you to cast your […]

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