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Tracy Tyler was the legal affairs reporter for the Toronto Star for over 25 years. She passed away a few days ago of breast cancer at the age of 50. She will be sorely missed. She worked tirelessly to expose flaws in the justice system. On a more personal note, Tracey was the first reporter […]

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I was privileged enough to see Mitch Kowalski (commercial real estate lawyer, legal futurist, Financial Post Legal Post author, and now author of “Avoiding Extinction: Reimagining Legal Services in the 21st Century”) give a presentation at Law Tech Camp at U of T this past Saturday. Wow, did he deliver! He completely shocked certain members […]

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I am very happy to announce that our radio ads were featured on Rogers Media Radio (e.g. 680 News, CFRB1010, etc.). Here is the commercial (just click on the link and it will open up an .mp3 for you to listen to our ad):

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Many thanks go out to Techvibes‘ contributor Dan Verhaeghe for his article “Dynamic Legal Forms Offering Canadians Will Software For Far Less Than Standard Lawyer Fees“, which is reproduced as follows: Dynamic Legal Forms continues to try to change the way lawyers do business with their own technological solutions. In 2011, the average Canadian lawyer […]

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Many thanks go out to Mitch Kowalski for featuring our Will-O-Matic system in the National Post. Here’s the article in full: Mitch Kowalski, “Canadian lawyer-entrepreneurs continue to create new products“, National Post, Financial Post Blog (17 February 2012): Last week we mentioned a new web service to calculate the amount of spousal and child support […]

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Will-O-Matic System featured in Edmonton Journal Many thanks go out to Elizabeth Withey of the Edmonton Journal for mentioning our new Will-O-Matic system. Here’s her article and the part that talks about us: Elizabeth Withey, “Take a Horsey ride into the mind of modern-day fatherhood”, Edmonton Journal (7 February 2012), F1. Over Christmas, I wrote […]

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Notary Public (Ontario) Notary Public is simply someone designated as such to give official recognition to certain government or private transactions or documents. As always, we start with the enabling legislation – in this case, the Notaries Act. That Act says that an Ontario Barrister and Solicitor can automatically become a Notary Public. After getting […]

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I’m pleased to announce the Lawyers Weekly has just published an article about our legal forms: Booming Internet biz threatens small firms By John Schofield December 16 2011 issue He’s best known as a lawyer to the stars — the legal genius who successfully defended O.J. Simpson and represented celebrities like Johnny Carson and the […]

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If you purchased a voucher from a deal company in the past and were looking to redeem it, then simply follow these steps: STEP 1: WAIT Wait at least 24 hours after your deal finishes. This is the time it usually takes for the deal company to send us a list containing your voucher. If […]

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Yesterday, John Goddard (Business Reporter) of the Toronto Star wrote an article entitled “On this site, justice can go to the lowest bidder“. John was talking about a website called Shpoonkle. That website, launched in the U.S. and now with a Canadian presence, allows everyday people to post their legal issues and have lawyers compete. […]

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I was pretty stunned. I tuned into TVO’s The Agenda (Episode: And Access for All? July 21, 2011) and heard Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin cite our Report (entitled “Is Time Running Out on the Billable Hour?“) on legal fees… Here’s what she said (starting at around 1:16 into the segment): “They may earn too much […]

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I am very thankful to the Globe and Mail for once again mentioning us in Bar Talk last week. On August 24, 2011, in an article entitled “Torys snags Bennet Jones globetrotter“, Bar Talk wrote the following: Google invests in legal startup While most eyes were on Google Inc.’s recent purchase of Motorola Mobility Holdings […]

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