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Michael CarabashSo I’ve been gone for a week – vacationing in Florida with the family – and now it’s time for me to catch up. For starters, the day before I left, I published a new video. It’s an Ontario Reports ParodyI did. It took me about 4 hours of filming and 8 hours of editing to get it down to 50 seconds. I’m glad it’s received positive comments from the public and lawyers alike. The video spread through the various social network websites (e.g. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and was even discussed by Omar Ha-Redeye and Library Boy. Good stuff all around.

Next, I received a number of e-mails from different individuals and organizations who are interested in what we are doing (e.g. improving access to justice through technology and the Internet) and I will be evaluating and following up with these opportunities in due course. Some of these opportunities came around by way of the Lawyers Weekly profile report about me which was published 2 weeks back.

Next, I finished and circulated a draft eBook about Online Marketing For Lawyers. I spent a few days and put together everything I could think about in this introductory eBook. It’s written in simple prose to help educate lawyers on how to market themselves on the Internet. I’ll probably come out with a part 2 ina couple of months. The feedback I received from the eBook so far is: this is an amazing resource. I’m glad that I wrote it and I have none other to thank for pushing me to do it than Bob Berman of Berman Barristers ( At the moment, the eBook has been sent to our graphics designer, Parastou Gheidarpour, to turn it into something phenomenal. After writing the eBook, I started to follow my own advice and re-tweaked many of the website’s pages.

Apart from these things, I’m thinking about writing another report about the first 500 posts which have been made on Dynamic Legal Forms. I figure it might be interesting, for example, for the public and lawyers alike to know that roughly 25% of the posts on Dynamic Legal Forms are related to family law issues. This is the largest segment and it’s interesting to note that many people are turning to the Internet to find answers and hook up with a lawyer.

Finally, I’ve got a great new announcement to make – which is deserving of its own blog post…coming up next!

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