Canadian legal forms

Canadian Legal Forms

Well, as our legal form packages continue to increase in popularity (probably because paying big bucks for a simple legal contract has never been very popular in and of itself), a number of people have started asking me questions about our legal form packages. So here we go:

Q#1: Can I get your legal forms anywhere else?
A#1: Nope. This website,, is the ONLY place you can find our legal forms.

Q#2: Why don’t you give away your legal forms for free?
A #2: Running this website costs money. Creating the packages takes a lot of time and money. Marketing the legal forms costs money. You get the point. So I simply CANNOT give away these legal form packages for free. That said, by purchasing the legal forms for a fraction of the price a lawyer would charge you are: helping yourself and encouraging me to continue doing what I’m doing (i.e. promoting access to justice through affordable and top notch legal services).

Q#3: What makes your legal forms different from other online legal forms?
A #3: First, they’re prepared by a lawyer (me); not by some nameless corporation that is operating outside of Canada. Second, they’re not written in legal jargon (they’re written in plain and clear English so everyone can understand them). Third, they are based on the laws of your Province (e.g. an Alberta Cohabitation Agreement is NOT the same as an Ontario Cohabitation Agreement). Fourth, they come with guidance that you can’t find anywhere else: you can watch a video tutorial (showing an example of how to customize the legal form) and read 2 helpful written guides about the legal issues you should be aware of when customizing and entering into the agreement. For example: the DL Guide that comes with an Alberta Cohabitation Agreement is over 45 pages long! That’s information you won’t find anywhere else on the internet because it took me a whole week to research and write! If that’s not value-add, then I don’t know what is… Fifth, if you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, we will refund you the full amount within 30 days of your purchase. Finally, the legal forms are regularly updated and monitored to take into consideration changes in the law (we did this recently with our non compete agreement package (updated DL Guide) and our cohabitation agreement packages (updated DL Guide)).

Q#4: What if I need a lawyer to review my legal form?
A#4: You can prepare the legal form yourself and you can ask any lawyer to review it for you (at a much lower cost than they would if they have to draft it from scratch). You can also use a lawyer-referral service, like the one found on this website.

Q#5: How do I pay for my legal form package?
A#5: Everything is done through PayPal. It’s safe and secure. It accepts all major credit cards. You DO NOT need to have a PayPal account to buy a legal form package.

Q#6: After I purchase my legal form package, where can I download it?
A#6: After you return from PayPal, you will be able to click on a link and see your package (the legal form, the video tutorial and the two written guides – which you can now download). You can also sign in at any time for the next 2 weeks to access your legal form package. You will also receive an email invoice with your information in case you need to sign in again to access your legal form.

Q#7: How much would a lawyer charge to do the same thing you’ve provided on your website?
A#7: Honestly: hundreds and (most likely) thousands of dollars. Why? Because for a lawyer to take their time and draft (from scratch) a good template, put together a video tutorial and write two comprehensive written guides (after researching the law and writing a concise summary of relevant legal issues), your legal bill will likely be in the THOUSANDS. Why do I only sell it for between $17 – $97? Because I figure, if I sell lots of these legal forms to the public, then I will be helping a lot of people out who aren’t taking up my hours. By helping you, I help myself… and vice versa 🙂 In any event, this is where the future of law is heading: from one to one (lawyer to client) legal services to one to many (lawyer to masses) legal services. It’s all about what Richard Susskind has been writing about for years…

Q#8: If I have a question, who can I ask?
A#8: You can ask me technical questions. If you need legal advice about a legal form, you can also consult my law firm or consult a lawyer.

Q#9: Which legal forms are you selling?
A#9: Just hover your mouse over the top nav menu (grey box with headings like “Marriage | Cohabitation”, “Leases”, etc.) and you’ll be able to see our legal form packages. You can also click on “All Forms” to see a list of all of our legal forms. These LEGAL FORMS ARE GROWING DAILY! We add new forms and new provinces all the time. For example, we just finished adding a Cohabitation Agreement for Alberta (2 different types). So keep watching as we keep growing our inventory of legal form packages!

Q#10: What do you have planned for the future?
A #10: First, we’re about to release an ALL-IN-ONE subscription model for those who want to be able to ACCESS ALL of our legal forms. We’re putting the final touches on it and it should be ready to launch by July. Next, we’re coming out with combination packages (e.g. buy 2 legal forms that are related to each other at a discount). A customer gave me this idea with respect to the residential lease agreement + option to purchase realty agreement. Great idea! Third, we’re going to continue to add more legal form packages across Canada: family law agreements, lease agreements, business agreements, wills and estates, and employment agreements. That’s what we’re focusing on… Finally, and I’m really excited about this: we’re going to start doing regular WEBINARS to help educate the general public about a particular legal form. You’ll be able to access a link and join a webinar, where you can listen to me talk about a legal form (tips and traps, etc.). The webinars will be recorded and posted on this website as well – so STAY TUNED!

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