Canadian Legal Forms + Video Guides: Facelift Complete

Canadian Legal Forms + Video Guides

After a week or so of working on it, I am pleased to announce that our legal forms + video guides splash page has finally received a fitting face lift. Before, we just mentioned some of the media we’ve received and the benefits of our legal forms. Now, we’re going all out with: more media, testimonials, benefits, product comparison, and a resounding message: while not everyone can afford to hire a lawyer (who may charge hundreds of dollars per hour), that doesn’t mean you can’t afford professional legal services. If you’re savvy enough to complete a lawyer-prepared, customizable legal form with sufficient guidance (in the form of a video tutorial and 2 written guides), then you can save considerable time and money by doing it yourself. You can even pay a reduced amount to have a lawyer review your work. All in all, there is hope for those who can’t otherwise afford a lawyer: be sure to check out our legal forms to help get yourself and your family protected! And be sure to take our FREE legal health checkup and check out our FREE legal guides (updated daily).

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