Canadian Legal Forms: Frequently Asked Questions

I get asked a lot of questions by people looking at our Legal Forms and Video Tutorials. Even today, I was asked whether someone should spent thousands of dollars on an employment agreement or just buy a package for $47 from

So, in this blog, I’m going to address the various concerns that you might have when considering your legal service options.

1. Is my legal form valid and enforceable if a lawyer didn’t prepare it?

Well, first of all, ANY legal form can be challenged in court and rendered invalid and unenforceable – regardless of who prepared it. All you can do is MINIMIZE the risk of having it challenged. How do you do that? Well, there are generally two ways that contracts can be challenged: (1) substantive defects (e.g. the contract wasn’t clear or complete enough to be enforceable) and (2) procedural defects (e.g. one of the parties unduly influenced the other party to sign). If you understand these common ways in which all contracts get challenged, then you can help prevent them from happening to begin with. And that’s why I provide 2 DL guides with each legal form – so you can understand the common ways in which all contracts get challenged.

2. Is the legal form understandable or is it written in legalese?

I went to great lengths to provide a comprehensive yet simple-to-understand legal form. I look at many precedents in books and provided by lawyer before I draft my own version. I want my legal forms to be the best alternative to having a lawyer draft it from scratch. In fact, I’ve had lawyers tell me that they found my precedents superior to others because they were easy to understand! Now that’s a compliment.

3. What format does the lregal form package take?

Before purchasing your legal form, you’ll need to create an account. You’ll simply need an email address and password and a few other tidbits of information. Then, after you finish paying via PayPal (which accepts all major credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal accounts, and which is secure), you simply need to sign into the account you created and then, VOILA, your legal form package will be available. You’ll be able to download the legal form in .doc, .wpd, and .rtf formats. You’ll be able to watch the full video tutorial and download the 2 .pdf guides. You’ll be able to sign in and download these things for the next 14 days.

4. Are these legal forms a substitute for a lawyer

Look, a lawyer will generally start off with a good template it (which is what I strive to provide) and then CUSTOMIZE it according to your specific needs and requirements. The lawyer will generally know – from past knowledge and experiences – the kinds of things to watch out for. But that’s also why I include 2 written guides: to help educate YOU on what legal issues you should be aware of when entering into this agreement. While having a professionally trained pair of eyes customize and review your legal contracts is always ideal, some people feel that they can do it all themselves and some people simply cannot afford to pay a lawyer hundreds of dollars per hour to do it for them. So, while in an ideal world, a good, fast, and affordable lawyer should be available to everyone, that’s not the case. So, for many people, my legal form packages offer an alternative to having no legal contract in place (or having one put together on a napkin by uniformed parties).

So there you have it: if you have any questions about legal forms or having a lawyer review one for you, feel free to give me a shout!

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