Blackberry Torch…I’d love to review one…

Toronto business lawyerMarc Saltzman from Newtalk 1010 and did a great review of RIM’s new Blackberry Torch in this blog. This new Blackberry has both a 3.2-inch touchscreen and a slide out QWERTY keyboard. Super cool (although it’s not considered to be an i-phone killer). I was wondering, and hoping, that someone would give me one of these cool new devices to test out and write a review on. People are always giving Marc cool new stuff to review, so why not me? I’ve owned a Bold 9000 since it first came out. In fact, I had to fight off a school chum for mine. Anywho, going back to the Torch, I read in Marc’s review that, while it has a new and improved camera, more memory (8GB), the real story is in the operating system and web-browsing capabilities. It’s smarter than ever, with cool and practical shortcuts. Here’s a youtube video that reviews the various functions of the Torch:

It seems like it will go for $199 with a 3 year plan or $1,000 (at future shop) as a stand alone.

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