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Barrie is the 35th largest municipality in Canada. It is home to over 130,000 residents and about 185 lawyers (excluding Crown Attorneys). I thought it would be worthwhile – seeing as how Dynamic Legal Forms has recently expanded to Barrie – to review the web presence of those lawyers. Think of it like a follow up to our first report (“Solo and Small Firm Toronto Lawyers and the Internet”), wherein we researched 1,000 random Toronto solo and small firm lawyers and found their web presence lacking (in terms of having rich websites with meaningful content).

Unfortunately, Barrie lawyers’ web presence fared much worse than their Toronto counterparts. Of all of Barrie’s lawyers researched, only 40% had websites! While virtually all of those websites indicated the legal area(s) practiced by the lawyer (which is a good thing), practically all of those websites were not search engine optimized for basic keywords (e.g. “Barrie lawyers”, “Barrie family law”, “Barrie criminal lawyers”, etc.). To learn more about online legal marketing and search engine optimization, just download a copy of our FREE eBook (“4 Steps to Online Legal Marketing. For Lawyers. By Lawyers”).

Notwithstanding the importance and relative ease of setting up and maintain a blog, we only came across 1 website with a blog (! Moreover, we only came across one website ( that had videos.

Overall, Barrie lawyers can and should be doing a better job with their web presence! Their websites should be search engine optimized, appealing to look at, easy to use, and offer high quality and regularly updated content. Furthermore, Barrie lawyers should be reaching out online to build relationships and backlinks to their website in order to help improve their search engine rankings (which will help prospective clients find them).

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