Automated Trackback Software – Beware!

Michael CarabashI came across an automated software (called Trackback Spider) for purchase which essentially creates links to your website by spamming other people’s blogs through trackback (which I discussed previously). This method of increasing the number of links to your website is called “Blackhat” (which means bad, malicious, unethical, etc. means by which search engine optimizers try to improve their website’s search engine rankings). I came across a review of Trackback Spider on WebProNews and, although it’s a few years old, it’s worth mentioning here. In that blog, the author (Andy Beard) mentioned how this kind of software doesn’t really help you in the long run because:

  1. It is becoming harder to use because bloggers complain and report the websites that employ them to Google.
  2. Bloggers – particularly the sophisticated ones – review the trackbacks and comments on their blog posts and won’t let spam slip by.
  3. Blogs have plugins which require reciprocal links to determine whether a trackback is spam.
  4. Old and abandoned WordPress blogs – which tend to have low quality and fairly low traffic – may be all that’s left for spammers wanting to build trackback links to their website.

At the end of the day, tools like this are being more and more obsolete – and for good reason.

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Planet Orange August 4, 2009 at 9:27 am

Lucky me…

i did not try this software before

thx for yout reviews, very use full information

Blog Marketing August 9, 2009 at 4:04 am

First let me say I don’t use or condone the use of any such automated tool. However I also think its unfair of marketing professionals to give misguided information.

The fact is trackback automation does work. Just like spamming works, just like sending tweet upon tweet with twitter works, just like doing social bookmark trading works, and a whole lot of other things.

Automated trackback companies continue to update this software and make it work. It not only works but it works well!

The truth is it will probably always work, but at the same time it will never work. It depends on how good a quality your tracking automate3d software is (how targeted can you get) and how often you use it. If you trackback ping 20 sites a month (less then 1 a day) you are not likely to get noticed as easily as if you black 20 trackbacks a day.

If you do get caught, search engines will flat out blacklist you! When this happens its VERY hard to get whitelisted again. In fact with the exception of a few rare cases, most of the time blacklisted companies only get whitelisted if they change ownership

So be warned, trackback works, but its got a deadly cost if you don’t know how to use it!

By the way, best I undestand it is Trackback Spider 2 (the newest release) has only been released to a few hundred people. They have done this to avoid search engines from finding out what methods they are using. This means the blackhat marketers are getting just as sneaky as the search engine bots!

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