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Michael CarabashAsk a Lawyer? Why does it sound so expensive and have to be so intimidating? Well, from the average person’s standpoint, lawyer charge hourly rates, usually broken down into ten 6-minute intervals. Hence, if a lawyer’s hourly rate is $300, then a 1 minute conversation could cost you $30.

So what’s the alternative? Well, if you haven’t hired a lawyer and you want to test or sample a couple of legal service providers (aka lawyers), then why not go to Dynamic Legal Forms and make a post. You can ask your questions FREELY and ANONYMOUSLY and pay $0. That’s right: ask whatever you want for FREE. You can get information and responses from local lawyers who practice in the legal area which you’ve requested. Sometimes, a few sentences in an e-mail from a lawyer will take away all your anxiety about your legal options.

I, for example, have responded to some posts and told the user that they may not have a case because they have suffered no damages (hence, don’t waste any more time or money contemplating suing), they may not have a case because they waited too long (e.g. now-a-days, you generally have 2 years from the date you discovered or ought to have discovered your injury or damage to initiate a lawsuit), etc.

So go ahead and make a post on Dynamic Legal Forms. It’s free and the responses you receive may save you even more time and money down the road!

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