Another Update on Legal Forms…

I wanted to give you an update on our Ontario legal forms project. Our February Launch is still a go. All 10 legal forms are now complete and are being tweaked. Each form takes a number of days to draft, review and revise. Not only that, but we’re including videos and ebooks with each package to help provide some insight into the form itself and how you can customize it. So you’ll end up being able to download a fully customizable template (e.g. in .doc, .wpd., and .rtf format). Here are a list of our initial packages (all for Ontario):

  1. Independent Contractor Agreement (One-Sided: Client)
  2. Plaintiff’s Claim: Construction / Renovation Dispute
  3. Confidentiality Agreement (One-Sided)
  4. Confidentiality Agreement (Mutual)
  5. Settlement and Release Agreement (One-Sided)
  6. Settlement and Release Agreement (Mutual)
  7. Auto-Accident Settlement and Release Agreement (One-Sided)
  8. Continuing Power of Attorney for Property
  9. Power of Attorney for Personal Care
  10. Living Will

(One-Sided): means that the clauses are drafted in favour of one of the parties.

(Mutual): means that the clauses are drafted in favour of both parties.

A big benefit of these legal forms is that they are lawyer prepared but written in a language you can understand: HUMAN. We’ve stripped out the legalese and simplified each document so that you can understand it. Together with the eBook and the Video, you should be all set.

As time goes on, we will be adding additional legal forms to the mix in the areas of:

  • Family Law (e.g. Cohabitation Agreement)
  • Will and Estates (e.g. Last Will and Testament)
  • Real Estate (e.g. Residential Lease Agreement)
  • Websites (e.g. Terms of Use Agreement)
  • etc.

Once things take off, we’ll also be adding additional jurisdictions….

So there you have it…

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