Another testimonial from a client about Michael Carabash (me)

Here’s another brand new testimonial about a client who hired…well…me:

“I am a real estate investor who recently had the pleasure of working with Michael to review and revise some legal documents for use in my business. I looked around and got quotes from several lawyers before deciding to go with Michael. Michael stood out from the rest because he was the only one who has an end-to-end solution to offer. Rather than just reviewing my documents and interpreting some legalese, he basically helped me restructure them to fit my specific business requirements. Michael also advised me on things that I haven’t thought about such as partnerships, trademarking, and incorporation. Another thing I found refreshing was his modern approach to working with clients. He makes use of technology (website, blogs, email, etc) which makes him flexible and accessible to his clients. I would recommend Michael to anyone looking for a business lawyer.”

FYI, all testimonials can be found here.

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