Another testimonial about me…

I hate to toot my own horn…but it’s good for my business if prospective clients know that others have hired me and were satisfied with my services. So here’s another testimonial from an internet entrepreneur who recently hired me to create / organize her business:

“I am an entrepreneur and I recently retained Michael Carabash to help me incorporate and organize my new online business. Michael Carabash is a rare breed. I’ve never worked with a lawyer like him before. He gives me a lot of his time and attention for free, and is also upfront and honest about the fees that he does charge when I need legal services. Michael is not just a business lawyer, but a kind of business coach. He asks me the hard questions – about marketing, operations, financing, etc. – to make sure I’m on the right path. He wants me to succeed by giving me great non-legal advice, like who to target or where to get financing from. I will definitely continue to use Michael Carabash for my business needs. Overall, I would not recommend Michael Carabash to others…because that would mean I would have to share him :-)”

FYI, all of our testimonials can be found here.

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