Alberta Wills laws changing February 1st!

Last Will Alberta: NEW LAWS!

We just updated our Will-O-Matic software and eBook to reflect the new Wills laws that are coming into effect on February 1, 2012 in Alberta. So, starting February 1st, 2012, our Will-O-Matic software and the eBook that comes with the .pdf Will will reflect those new laws.

In case you using something other than our Will-O-Matic software to create your own Will, you may end up with a Will that does not take into account Alberta’s new Wills laws: the Wills and Succession Act – which comes into force February 1, 2012 – will replace a whole slew of other Alberta laws and become THE laws to govern Wills and estate administration in the Province of Alberta.

Can you afford to use a template or software that isn’t up to date with Alberta laws? Does those other guys even tell you what the laws concerning Wills and estates are in Alberta? Our revised 42 (single spaced) eBook sure does!

That’s the difference… you’re very welcome 🙂

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