A Critique of Online Legal Services

So Professor Fodden COINCIDENTALLY decided to write a blog on Slaw YESTERDAY that discussed a PH.D. thesis from 2007 by Christine Vanda Burns called “Online Legal Services – A Revolution that Failed?” It’s going to take me a little while to go through this thesis (it’s 729 pages!). But, as Professor Fodden points out in his blog, the big problem is the acquisition and packaging of legal services (i.e. transferring knowledge). For lawyers, their time can be more lucrative by doing what they’ve always been doing: hourly billings. But that’s about to change…You see, we have just launched (COINCIDENTALLY, 1 day after Professor Fodden blogged about Professor Burns’ article) a revolutionary new product that will do exactly that: LEGAL FORMS + VIDEO GUIDES. We have essentially packaged legal knowledge and documents for sale to the masses that can be digestible, interacted with, and which provide effective learning. All at a fraction of the price a lawyer would charge…check out the promo video:

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