$15 parking ticket for parking on your own driveway?

Michael CarabashThis morning my mom told me that she had received a $15 parking ticket for having parked her car on the lower half of her own driveway last night. Apparently, the back end of her car had extended slightly over the end of the driveway and onto the roadway. The thing to keep in mind here is the roadway where my parents live is at the corner of an extremely quiet half-circle road and is about 3 cars wide. In other words, I don’t think anyone was going to complain of a car extending a foot or so onto the roadway in this particular situation. What boggled my mind was: what if my mom actually decided to fight the $15 ticket? Sure, she would have taken a day off of work and lost money there. So from a purely financial standpoint, it wouldn’t make any sense for her to do so. But think also of the public waste of funds here: the provincial offences officer would need to appear in court, the court system would need to further bogged down, a justice of the peace would need to hear arguments and render a decision (however long that would take). I envision hundreds if not thousands of dollars of taxpayer money being wasted over a measly $15 ticket. So what’s the point in giving it? What if all the people in Ontario decided in unison to fight this particular offence, for example, to send a message to politicians to change the law because they don’t like being bossed around by parking enforcement officers. On way or another, however, my mom probably learned her lesson: no more parking her car on the lower half of the driveway!

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