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“I was initially concerned about taking on the task of writing a will. I had no idea where to start. I am so thrilled that I came across, as the process turned out to be easy and stress-free. There were also information buttons to help me along the way when I wasn’t sure how […]

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As I had previously discussed, LegalZoom (U.S. legal forms company) was sued in a Class Action in Missouri. The 15,000 or so plaintiffs (Missouri residents who had used LegalZoom’s services) claimed that LegalZoom had been involved in the unauthorized practice of law in that State. Well, the matter was heading for trial this month. But, […]

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Yes, I realize it’s been a while. For the past few months, I’ve been busy updating the website, increasing our legal forms packages, and getting ready for tomorrow night’s appearance on CBC’s Dragon’s Den. I haven’t had my twitter feed on for a while because, a while back, I discovered to my shock that I […]

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I am pleased to announce that Dynamic Legal Forms and Canada Legal have teamed up to promote each others’ services. We’ve added a permanent link to Canada Legal on the DL Blog under “Free Legal Resources”. Canada Legal has added links to our Legal Forms + Video Guides. Canada Legal was founded by lawyer Peter […]

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If you need a Barrie, Ontario lawyer, go to Dynamic Legal Forms and make a post (it’s 100% free and anonymous!). Don’t waste time looking at lawyer ads or flipping through the Yellow Pages! Make the smart move: make a post and get Barrie lawyers and attorneys to respond to you with free information and […]

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So alongside the release of our new eBook, I’ll be releasing bits and pieces of that eBook right here in the blog. Remember, just go here to download the full eBook (just scroll to the bottom). But Online Marketing DOESN’T Work! Some lawyers believe there are no benefits to marketing yourself online. They may say […]

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So alongside the release of our new eBook, I’ll be releasing bits and pieces of that eBook right here in the blog. Remember, just go here to download the full eBook (just scroll to the bottom). Introduction You have just hung out your own shingle and are looking for new clients. You are an associate […]

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With the help of our graphics designer, Paris, we’ve finished and launched our eBook entitled “4 Steps to Online Legal Marketing: For Lawyers. By Lawyers”. It’s absolutely FREE so download your copy now. What’s the eBook talk about? Well, seeing as how I’ve got a lot to say about online marketing for legal solutions – […]

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I’ve been invited to be a guest on Dale Goldhawk’s AM740 Zoomers show. Here’s some more information about the show. To begin, “Zoomers” refers to people over 50 who embrace life. Dale Goldhawk is the host of the show. He is a Gemini award nominee, journalist and broadcaster and his 3-hour show, Goldhawk Fights Back, […]

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I get asked a lot when I’m going to expand Dynamic Legal Forms to the U.S. My response is: slowly, but surely, we’re making our way there. We’re trying to get things right here at home (in Toronto) and then expand across other Canadian and U.S. cities. Why, just yesterday, we put things in place […]

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Dynamic Legal Forms sponsored a Sick Kids Charity Volleyball tournament in Toronto yesterday and we all had a blast. The weather went from warm to windy, but no one was really complaining. We were handing out free water bottles and Gatorade to the volleyball participants, who were having a great time. Here are some pics […]

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I read Charles Mandel’s article “Wooing the Facebook crowd” in the Globe and Mail (Monday, March 9, 2009) and thought that it would be great for him to do a similar article on Dynamic Legal Forms. I’ll explain why, but first – for those who missed it – I’ll talk briefly about the “Wooking the […]

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